Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Seagate BlackArmor Update

The last blog post I wrote on the Seagate BlackArmor ended along the lines of "rather buy something else", this unfortunately hasn't changed. My uncle removed drive no. 4 from the span on his NAS yesterday while it was running, the NAS freaked out and marked the volume as failed with no hope in hell of ever working again...

I got another chance to view the NAS from another angle, we hooked all the drives up to a system and I loaded my trusty Ubuntu 10.4.3 LTS disk, what I found was pretty interesting...

The Seagate BlackArmor device creates a Linux software RAID, yes, no hardware RAID as expected... shame on you Seagate (or Maxtor as the device claims on some hardware parts). The spanning created a RAID 1 /dev/md device.... Long story short I was able to reassemble the entire RAID device, with the mdadm command:

To stop all software RAID's:
mdadm --stop --scan

To assemble them, you can do something like this:
mdadm -A -R --force /dev/md0 /dev/sda4 /dev/sdb4 /dev/sdc4 /dev/sdd4

To view the status:
cat /proc/mdstat

The partition however is of an unknown type, the next challenge awaits!

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