Friday, 29 June 2012

Hetzner Review

I recently found the Hetzner market ( which is a great idea for any hosting company to have implemented! Basically they auction used hardware dedicated servers, this has great benefits for both them and the consumer...

However to me it goes further than just getting a dedicated server at a great price, besides helping the environment out by not sending another server's hardware to the local dump, one has to face the facts that the average dedicated server rarely runs at maximum capacity, if even close to that... mostly because you pay for the latest server hardware, eg. Xeon but your only going to run a small mobile app from it...

Through the years I've worked on so many dedicated servers with load averages of less than 0 while running on i5, i7 or quad core Xeon processors, simply a complete waste of resources and one of the reasons we move so many to cloud based hosting.

The used servers available from Hetzner are great, to me simply having a 1GHz cpu on a server is enough to run my web server, e-mail server, application server, and database server... Being able to choose a server which won't be a complete waste in your specific environment and being charged accordingly is what makes this solution so awesome if your not interested in cloud based solutions.

Hetzner is well known to me locally in South Africa, they have been around for many years and I often see an advert for them in local media. Their technical support people have always answered the phone and are always willing to help 24/7, certain other departments are available during office hours only as per the usual hosting company setup.

Their network is nice and fast (seem to be using Juniper for their routing equipment), they provide your server with 5TB on 100 Mbps before dropping the speed to 10 Mbps (which can be restored at a nominal fee per additional TB  of usage).

The control panel for servers is definitely one of the more mature ones and allows one to easily assign additional IP addresses, eg. IPv6 in a few clicks. Reverse DNS and traffic graphs are just as simple, overall the control panel is great, I would however really appreciate more control over the billing periods for a service, eg. paying 3 months at a time or paying invoices manually if preferred etc but that can be arranged with billing so definitely a minor thing...

I ordered a server with two drives, especially with a used server I figured in case on goes redundancy may just save the day... The Samsung drives each show 50930 power on hours, quite a few but expected, unlike providers I've used in the past which offer premium servers I found to have similar power on hour hard drives...

The server is delivered in rescue mode, at first I was wondering how this would go... to sum it all up, brilliantly! The rescue mode allows you to install and configure your server remotely (and can be entered into from the control panel), the system which is then installed has been configured to work 100% and looks good, even the repo's in Ubuntu are configured to use local mirrors on the Hetzner network.

Overall I would not hesitate to recommend Hetzner to anyone looking for a new or used server,  to admit the truth at first I was skeptical of them but they have proved to be one of the best providers I have encountered so far, in fact I requested the billing department to renew my server for the next 12 months!


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