Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I'm busy working on The NOC (, basically The NOC allows you to monitor any key/value pair sent to it, this allows you to use our existing software scripts (or eg. Android application) to monitor your servers/devices or to create your own scripts to monitor pretty much anything. You can then track the data and take actions based on your criteria, eg. if a servers disk reaches 99% send me a message. The multivalue idea comes from the MultiValue database's that have been around for many years (one we know of has been around since 1965) and the more recent NoSQL type databases although we are sticking to open source relational databases for backend data for the time being.

The NOC site has been developed in JQuery Mobile to be ready for both the desktop and mobile world with a Android and Linux probe (why does that word always sound so wrong) available.

I'm hoping to release the first version soon, it will be free and available to everyone with non-core paid modules like custom branding to help keep the "lights on".  If you have anything you would like to see in a monitoring like application please drop a comment and I'll see if I can add it!

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