Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Samsung G3 station inside and fix...

Being lazy never pays off for me yet I endulge in it regularly! This week I left our Samsung G3 station on the floor with the USB cable connected and someone/something bumped it enough to break off the connector inside the casing...

The clips are pretty hellish to open-up with plastic clips all round, a flat screwdriver from the side with the connectors worked for me!

The PCB can be cleaned around the where the connector was and soldered to the surrounding area. The connector itself has very small pins, with a bit of luck you can solder it back on and use a multimeter to test, I used hot glue to secure it for future wear and tear.


  1. Can you recall how the internal structure looked like?

    I think mine is damaged somehow, but I cannot diagnose what the problem is, as I cannot find anything on the internet that indicates what the "ideal" internal structure should look like (basically, what the area where the adaptor connects should look like).

  2. I still have the drive handy, I can open it up and take a few pictures for you if that'll help?