Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hey MIT mind giving back some IP addresses?

While playing around with RADB and whois on Linux, one of the addresses I randomly made up produced the result:

descr:         Massachusetts Institute of Technology
               1 Amherst Street
               MA 02139, USA
origin:        AS3
member-of:     RS-COMM_NSFNET
mnt-by:        MAINT-AS3
changed:       nsfnet-admin@merit.edu 19950118
source:        RADB

I've heard of many educational institutes having received huge IP allocations, with the majority of the IP addresses simply not being used... This seems to have happened quite often in the days long before IPv4 address exhaustion.

So now the question begs to be asked... if I need to provide reasons to service providers to obtain a small subnet of addresses, what reason could there be to continue allowing such huge allocations from even existing? The powers that be should challenge MIT to prove their complete usage of a /8 or lose the right to use the block, simply said the Internet needs the additional addresses...

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