Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Intel SSD 520 series unboxing

I had the opportunity to help unbox an Intel SSD 520 series drive recently and being the the first SSD drive I physically encountered I was very excited to view it from every angle... In the years before SSD geeks quite quickly encountered new drive types in systems, servers, etc - SSD however seems to be coming in at a much slower pace, one reason I suspect is simply the cost of the drives being in my view to much!

The Intel SSD drives are still quite expensive and hard to source from large local suppliers, especially when looking for a specific model. Overall I was amazed at how much less the drive itself weighs, especially when compared to it's spindle driven brothers already in field. 

Intel has always been one of my favourite brands, the drive seems to be packed with Intel branded chips as can be seen in some online teardowns. The drive comes with an amazing 5 year warranty, which alone is simply awesome considering previous solid state drive longevity being well rubbish.

The SSD connects to your system using SATA and runs at 6Gb/s, this drive's performance does not disappoint, my uncle (the owner of this baby) has noticed a definite increase in performance. In addition Intel has also developed software allowing users of their SSD to monitor the drive's statistics in depth! I would love to get a busy database server running off of one of these drives to really give it a run for it's money!

The only con so far... Intel needs to do a better finishing job on the back of the drive, not that it matters beyond cosmetic but it does give a bit of a "why the hell did I pay so much and they couldn't take time to finish the back properly" feeling...

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