Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Raspberry Pi - New 512MB memory model B revision 2

After months of waiting for my Rasperry Pi to arrive I was pleasantly surprised to find it waiting at the post office today...

I ordered a model B but with all the waiting it was upgraded to the 512 MB version (model B revision 2), which is great news as it was one of the low points I experienced with the original model B.

The 512MB memory upgrade allows for easier running of Android ICS (I'll give it a try and report back soon).

The CPU however is still lacking and also requires an upgrade, combined with how easily the IO saturation point is reached and the often I was able to crash the Pi doing mundane tasks makes me continue to look for alternatives like the Hackberry A10.

The size of the board is also exactly the same and fits nicely into the official Raspberry Pi case. The case itself looks very nice and finishes the Pi off perfectly while also making it a much easier to handle!

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