Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Unboxing Intel Extreme Board DZ77RE-75K

Hidden inside a plain brown paper box we discovered the beautiful Intel Extreme Desktop Board DZ77RE-75K. John (my uncle) ordered the board after doing a lot of research into the perfect board for his new gaming PC. Truth be told I was impressed with the amount of features Intel has included in this board, some are included below:

1. 1 x LGA1155 CPU Socket
2. 4 DIMM slots with max 32GB DDR3
3. Onboard graphics with HDMI out

Additional details of this board are on the Intel Ark, click here to view them...

Included in the box was all the usual, ie. backplates and specifications sticker however this board also comes with a very slick looking mouse pad and a module which provides bluetooth and  wifi!


  1. Have you saved the ROM BIOS from this motherboard?
    My board need a BIN or ROM file to record to chip with programer.

    (the BIOS file from Intel download is 9.7MB but chip is 8MB. We don't know what to make in this case)

    Great motherboard.