Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Water Damage Indicator

It took a device or two being sent in to a local service provider only to be told they wouldn't repair it due to the phone being water damaged... this was quite unfair though as phone we took in had a software related bug and required new firmware, the water damage just got them out of any obligation.

With all the years in IT the chances are that you've washed or wet something electronic, left it to dry and found it to be working perfectly!

We were lucky enough to find out with the last visit they disclosed how they knew it came in contact with water, the answer being a seemingly insignificant tiny white dot. When it comes in contact with water it quickly changes, I found one on my 3G dongle and decided to peel it off and feed it some water (pictures below).  It may very well be worth your time to check for the dot before taking your device in for a service...

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