Saturday, 2 March 2013

CloudFlare you disappoint me...

I found a while ago and was temped to give it a try as it really looked like an awesome service to have for my visitors.

So last night I paid my $20 for a pro account and changed the DNS over, what followed was pure disappointment instead of what I though would be a smooth transition... Failed SSL and a site that loaded slower than usual:

My site uses SSL as many others do, after changing the DNS to cloudflare and waiting for hours the domains SSL certificate remains untrusted and not only untrusted but the details show show shared with a bunch of porn sites (bet my Google ranking loves that connection, same cert and IP as

Accepting the untrusted certificate did allow my site to load, except on the first load half of the images didn't load, with two refreshes they finally were all there. In addition to that the site was much slower than usual and not faster.

For a service claiming to work out of the box I hit a brick wall, one which caused my site to be unavailable for hours and hours with a support request simply stating "Awaiting assignment to a support agent"

Update: After waiting two days for support on the pro account I received a reply from their support. Claiming "The SSL does work although possibly not as immediate as anticipated." and it takes a few minutes.

Sorry to say but more than 6 hours after the change the certificate was still not correct, really not great if your aim is too keep your domain online... Additionally taking 2 days per message for support to respond is pretty bad in an online world. 

How do I explain to a customer their site is down, it's a CloudFlare setup issue, I'm waiting for support which may take days depending on how many higher paying customers flood the few support people available for a request... simply not a viable option.

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