Thursday, 7 March 2013


Once again I was privilege to the unboxing of another great product, this time round the ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77.

Through the years I have encountered many different motherboards but none compared to this one...  just holding the board in your hands you quickly feel a difference, it feels rock solid and almost like something you would like to find running a tank for the USA on some foreign desolate piece of ground.

With graphical BIOS, an easy way to upgrade the BIOS (even without the CPU or DRAM installed), advanced electrostatic discharge protection (they even have a chip for that), advanced thermal features, and even military grade component testing - this board is ready for the future!

The 36 awards ASUS received for the Z77 indicates a truly warm reception into the global market. Personally I would love to see the nice features of the Z77 spread and become a standard for all motherboard manufacturers.

For details on the board take a look on the Asus website >>

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