Sunday, 29 December 2013

How has the NSA changed the world?

The Internet has been abuzz since Snowden leaked some really precious information about the way the NSA has infiltrated the world. To be honest I never suspected the level of spying to be quite as bad as it's turned out to be... being a non-US citizen it concerns me even more as they seem to have no limit and do this all in the name of keeping the US safe while we now know it goes far beyond this...

The economic impact must be huge for the US overall, some of the additional security steps we've taken as "foreigners" and I'm sure many other's also have:

1. Secure only access to our site - all unencrypted traffic is automatically redirected to SSL
2. Additional web application security and code reviews
3. Making mainly use of a non-US approved open source cipher or open source ciphers regarded as highly secure for all communications
4. Moved all hosting away from US companies
5. Replaced PPTP VPN links for all sensitive VPN traffic
6. Secured e-mail transfer by enabling and encouraging encryption
7. Secured webmail and changed all e-mail passwords
8. Discountinued use of Dropbox, Twitter and many Google applications like gmail, google+ and chrome
9. Replaced all Cisco devices suspected of backdoors
10. No closed source software allowed, everything must be open source.
11. Android phones changed to Cyanogenmod and firewalled
12. Many additional changes planned...

How has your ways of communicating changed, leave me a comment?

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