Saturday, 21 December 2013

Old CCTV camera revamped with a Raspberry Pi - Version 1

A couple of months back our CCTV IP camera got smacked by lightning, shopping around for a new one never reached the point of buying as I couldn't find anything in South Africa that really matched what I wanted to do...

Recently I started thinking of using my Raspberry Pi to replace the CCTV camera and finally got some time this weekend to play around with version 1. So my journey started... I painted the old exterior of the camera housing for a shiny new look, added an old Cisco 1700 series router fan into the mix for some cooling, added a heatsink and Real Time Clock (DS1307) to the Pi. The network cable provides the 5 volt to power the fan and the Pi while connecting it back down to the router.

I plugged in an old webcam I have lying around (Lifecam NX-3000) and got motion up and running on Raspbian 7 to send all motion files to a remote server using sshfs, so far the setup is working like a charm!

Version 2 will include a GPS (for use as a stratum 1 time server), Arduino board for all sorts of sensors (temperature, humidity etc), additional webcams, 3G dongle for backup connectivity, SDR for ADS-B and a USB hub so stay tuned for the next CCTV version post...

Moday 23rd December 2013 Update - Added a second webcam to the Pi, the Logitech C270 3MP, both are working great and the C270 has a great image quality, will post some photos in my next blog update.


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